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Craft Festival
Craft Festival
Craft Festival
Craft Festival
Craft Festival
Craft Festival

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National Textile/Crafts Festival

The National Textile/Crafts Festival is an annual activity conducted by The Textile Museum along with other relevant stakeholders to promote and revitalize Bhutan’s handicraft sector particularly hand woven textiles. The NDC is a platform for rural artisans to showcase their skills and promote the sales of their products at a national level. The annual event provides a forum to promote, develop and exchange cultural knowledge and traditional skills and to educate and sensitize the importance of preserving cultural heritage.The Textile Museum, Department of Culture, MoHCA has successfully conducted 16 National Textile Festivals since 2003.
This annual event has been instrumental to in achieving the following objectives:

  1. To create opportunities for individuals and communities across the country to celebrate, share and sustain the vitality of folk, ethnic and traditional art.
  2. To revitalize traditional crafts of Bhutan which actively works towards the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage by ensuring its continued growth and development.
  3. To encourage communities to share their traditional skills and interact with new audiences.
  4. As one of the largest gathering of crafts persons in the country, the festival enables data and information for the documentation of traditional arts.
  5. To involve the community, governmental and non-governmental organizations through participation in a community project. To present the traditional arts in an atmosphere of enjoyment to encourage the participation of parents and children alike.
  6. Social engagements of this scale with representations from diverse communities provide opportunities for information dissemination, helps to dissolve misunderstandings, break down stereotypes and inculcate respect and create a better understanding of each other.
  7. Promotes cultural tourism which continues to be a major player in the growth of tourism worldwide.
  8. To build on community spirit and pride by enhancing Thimphu’s image as a growing city with many activities.